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Matteo Carcassi and the pedagogy of the romantic guitar

  We have again the opportunity to count in Cuerdas Pulsadas with Fernando Pérez , who has recently released his second studio album dedicated to Matteo Carcassi and performed with a romantic guitar built by Lourdes Uncilla. Three years ago since the launch of Feel Past Fret , Fernando’s first adventure in which he invited […]

Despertando instrumentos dormidos

  On this occasion, we have the two main protagonists of the project “Waking up sleeping instruments”, the team formed by the violent Carlos Ardura and the musicologist and interpreter Antoni Madueño, with whom we had the pleasure of collaborating from Cuerdas Pulsadas providing strings and frets for the replicas of the sculpted instruments on […]

Alfred Fernández and Cuerdas Pulsadas

Cover photo, courtesy of Cristina Quílez.   Few are the plucked string soloists who dedicate themselves to the Renaissance and even fewer those who do so to the repertoire of the vihuela, where I think there is still much to study and listen to. To this select group we owe the rescue and dissemination of […]

Introducing “Declaración de Instrumentos”

  Today I am proud to present a new initiative by Cuerdas Pulsadas on which we have been working in recent months: “< a href = "" target = "_ blank"> Declaration of Instruments “. Here many of the ideas that fluttered in Cuerdas Pulsadas have crystallized and, in addition, we have managed to link […]

Las vihuelas de Trujillo (ii)

Given the great diffusion that our previous publication has had and the repercussion in the regional media that it has had the fantastic project of Fran and her students , I think the most appropriate thing is to collect these echoes here, in addition to the photos that were taken during Aníbal Soriano’s visit (president […]

Las vihuelas de Trujillo

A few months ago, John Griffiths shared with us an eye-catching project that was in the making in Trujillo (Cáceres) … The idea was so simple that we It seemed crazy: the technology students of the Francisco Orellana institute were embarking on the construction of nine vihuelas. Without prior knowledge of Lutheranism, without having previously […]

Carlos González –

In September 2011 the new design of the website of the luthier Carlos González , in which we worked together for several months. Carlos González has one of the more extensive catalogs and care of the plucked string , Therefore, the website is very focused on carefully showing each instrument and the wide range of […]

Sociedad de la Vihuela

The “ Society of the Vihuela, the lute and the guitar ” does not need an introduction for those of us who are part of the plucked string, but it is not needless to present it as a national cultural association (created in 2004) in order to spread and promote the knowledge and study of […]

La Bellemont

At the end of 2012 I worked closely with Sara Ruiz to launch the website of the Bellemont, shortly after they were completed. the recording of his first album, “La voix de la viole”. We created La Bellemont in the summer of 2007 with the hope of achieving an interpretation of the French repertoire for […]

Cantus Records

The comprehensive renovation project of the website, including all the content, design and online store, was not fully paid under the agreed amount. I only hope that Jose Carlos Cabello has better conditions for musicians and suppliers and that at least the work done will serve to promote this sector, even if he is the […]


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