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Aquila’s New Guitar Sets: Special Tunings

The specific Aquila Corde sets for special tunings of classical guitar are now available in Cuerdas Pulsadas (65 -66 cm vibrating length): High G, High A, Low A, Low E and Russian tuning. The three treble strings are made of polished, rounded monofilament from ByoNylon, the first eco-friendly synthetic string (discovered by Aquila Corde), which […]

Aquila Corde CD Loaded Bass strings now available

  Synthetic “CD loaded” bass strings manufactured by Aquila Corde are now available again in Cuerdas Pulsadas. We have a first batch that includes all gauges between 0.75 and 2.20, which we were able to pick up by hand during the Vihuela Society meeting in Madrid, thanks to the kindness of Mimmo Peruffo.     […]

CD Loaded synthetic basses: Thinner gauges now available

We are proud to announce that CD loaded synthetic gauges below 1.10 are now available on Cuerdas Pulsadas. The CD bass lute strings are smooth synthetic loaded strings  characterized by a high, standardized specific weight, achieved by a loading extruding process with very  thin metallic copper powder made in the range of 115 CD till […]

New loaded synthetic bass strings by Aquila Corde

  We are proud to announce the immediate availability of a new type of bass strings developed by Aquila Corde, and we have the best person to talk about it, Mimmo Peruffo.   Aquila Corde: research an innovation Aquila Corde was born in the 1990s out of the researches of the string manufacturer (and amateur […]

Aquila Corde classical guitar catalog

  Aquila Corde makes an interesting variety of strings available to guitarists, where each set has characteristics that make it unique. At Cuerdas Pulsadas we have practically the entire offer for Aquila Corde classical guitar and, to facilitate your decision, we have condensed here all the information about these strings.           […]

Canarian Timple SuperNylgut strings

  For the entire Canarian timple community that already enjoyed Cuerdas Pulsadas, we have finally incorporated the specific sets that Aquila Corde prepares for this instrument.   Until the 50s in the 20th century, only gut strings were used for the Charango, Roncoco, Timple Canario and the Cuatro, where the speed of response was combined […]

Aquila Rubino for classical guitar – you never heard a sound like this

  Aquila Corde’s latest creation for classical guitar is now available in Cuerdas Pulsadas: el juego de cuerdas RUBINO. The innovation of these strings is based on a basic problem: the manufacture of strings for low frequencies requires increasing the diameter of the same, and a well-known solution: reducing the diameter of the strings allows […]

Aquila Corde OUD Strings – New nylgut

  This time we welcome the strings of Aquila Corde to Oúd . All the well-known advantages of the new nylgut are included in these complete sets, available for both Arabic and Turkish tuning. Specifically, the game for Arabic tuning is designed with these characteristics (11 strings, normal tension): 1st c: 2x New Nylgut 2nd […]

Great discounts at Cuerdas Pulsadas (and a raffle)

  D e among all the symbols that the lute has meant throughout history: pleasure, joy, eroticism, festive atmosphere, sensuality , concordia , melancholy (semper Dowland, semper dolens) … there is one, not so well known, that was perfectly reflected by the artists of the time. So, although the lute is always associated with the […]

A new era for nylgut trebles

A couple of weeks ago we received at Cuerdas Pulsadas a statement from Aquila Corde, in which they indicated the complete replacement of the gauges smaller of the new nylgut for a new improved batch (from 0.36 to 0.46). The most significant improvements are the increase in the resistance of the material (to avoid breakage), […]


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