The specific Aquila Corde sets for special tunings of classical guitar are now available in Cuerdas Pulsadas (65 -66 cm vibrating length): High G, High A, Low A, Low E and Russian tuning. The three treble strings are made of polished, rounded monofilament from ByoNylon, the first eco-friendly synthetic string (discovered by Aquila Corde), which stands out for its excellent acoustics and mechanical properties. Byonylon is made with a vegetable derivative (63%), which allows reducing carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere by more than 30% during the synthesis of the polymer compared to nylon used in music strings. The bass strings, wound with high-quality silver-plated copper, have a New Nylgut monofilament core that ensures not only high tensile strength but also low moisture absorption. This allows a fast and stable tuning under environmental changes.
  • 128C – HIGH G (g, d, b ♭, F, C, G)
  • 130C – HIGH A (a, e, c, G, D, A)
  • 141C – LOW A (a, e, c, G, D, A)
  • 143C – LOW E (e, b, g, D, A, E)
  • 142C – RUSSIAN TUNING (d, b, g, d, B, G, D)
The tuning and tensions for each set are listed below.






String Tension String Tension String Tension String Tension String Tension
g 9.6 Kg a 9.6 Kg a 9.6 Kg e 9.6 Kg d ’ 9.6 Kg
d 8.1 Kg e 8.1 Kg e 8.1 Kg b 8.1 Kg b ’ 8.1 Kg
b ♭ 7.5 Kg c 7.5 Kg c 7.5 Kg g 7.5 Kg g 7.5 Kg
F 7.8 Kg G 7.8 Kg G 7.8 Kg D 7.8 Kg d 7.8 Kg
C 8.5 Kg D 8.5 Kg D 8.5 Kg AA 8.5 Kg b 8.5 Kg
G 7.5 Kg A 7.5 Kg AA 7.5 Kg EE 7.5 Kg G 7.5 Kg
D 7.5 Kg

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