Bronze - 100m

Ever since the 14th century, metal strings of iron, copper, or silver were used in Europe. The presumably first reference to strings of iron wire was made in 1511.

Wire for stringed instruments was drawn by hand on so-called "Handleiern". The wire had to be drawn always in the same direction so as not to destroy the structure of the metal.

As string wires are exposed to considerable tensions, the observance of that rule was essential for the quality of the wire. The former string wires possessed a much lower tensile strength than steel wire - for example - as today. This was, however, no disadvantage, quite the contrary: the low string tension of the historical instruments required a low tensile strength in order to produce the particularly gentle sound of those times.

PYRAMID, in the noble art of making strings since 1850, builds strings for virtually every known instrument. All strings are made by hand in Bubenreuth, Germany.

The company's vast knowledge and many years of experience make it possible to manufacture all types of strings made of steel, nylon, bronze or gut, including strings for historical bowed and plucked instruments such as viols, baroque violins, renaissance lutes, theorbos and vihuelas.

technical details

  • STRING: Bronze wire
  • MATERIALS: Bronze
  • LENGTH: 100m.
  • GAUGES: from 0.18 to 0.30


Pyramid - Bronze 100cm - 0.32
Pyramid - Bronze 100cm - 0.32100cm 3,90 3,51

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Pyramid - Bronze 100m - 0.18
Pyramid - Bronze 100m - 0.18 38,00 34,20

In stock

Pyramid - Bronze 100m - 0.20
Pyramid - Bronze 100m - 0.20 38,00 34,20

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Pyramid - Bronze 100m - 0.25
Pyramid - Bronze 100m - 0.25 50,00 45,00

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Pyramid - Bronze 100m - 0.30
Pyramid - Bronze 100m - 0.3010000cm 72,00 64,80

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