Today I am proud to present a new initiative by Cuerdas Pulsadas on which we have been working in recent months: “< a href = "" target = "_ blank"> Declaration of Instruments “. Here many of the ideas that fluttered in Cuerdas Pulsadas have crystallized and, in addition, we have managed to link the work of great musicians and friends, so it is a wish come true.   logo

What is “Declaration of Instruments”?

The name of this project is borrowed from one of the most important musical-theoretical treatises of its time, made by Juan Bermudo and published in Osuna in 1555, and on it we have built a platform with which to promote and drive the plucked string from strong> the professional concert side .   guitarra_barroca The fundamental objective of “ Declaration of Instruments ” is to to promote the programming and dissemination of plucked string music . To this end, we offer professional plucked string musicians an agile and light organization, in which they participate to create cycles of plucked string music, with two fundamental supports:
  • A musicological foundation on which each cycle and initiative is defined and reaffirmed.

What is the “Declaration of Instruments” format?

Declaration of instruments ” has been designed so that it can be adapted to the situation, context and format that required. Its character is polymorphic and versatile, but always maintaining a unique, recognizable identity. Thus, “Declaration of instruments” is a living project, to which musicians, instruments, programs and cycles will be added in the near future.   The benefits of a platform with these characteristics are direct:
  1. It is easier for the programmer to include plucked chords in his events, since he has well-defined cycles, with a musicological sense and with a central organization.
  2. The viewer can better enjoy and understand the plucked string, since the cycles are accompanied by lectures and informative tools.
  3. The musician joins a specialized and holistic project, where the total is always greater than the sum of the parts.

What cycles are already available?

To inaugurate the project, we launched the cycle that receives the same name as the project: “Declaration of instruments”. Made up of three great programs:   declaracion  
  • Interior castle : where Alfred Fernández travels the music more pura de vihuela (the duos) accompanied by the mystical poetry of Santa Teresa de Jesús.
  • Selected Numbers : the audacity of the Baroque guitar of Rafa Muñoz is perfectly complemented by the percussion of Xosé Luis Saqués
  • Esencia Hispánica : The exceptional uniqueness of a Vicente Arias from 1883 played with yolk and strung with gut by Hao Yuan.
  Accompanied by musicological conferences, given by Gracia María Gil: button_conferencias How:

– History of plucked string instruments in Spain – The vihuela, the main instrument of the Renaissance – Pedagogy of vihuela books – The baroque guitar and its repertoire – Spanish musical nationalism

Do you want to see, hear and know more about “Declaration of Instruments?

We have prepared a wonderful website where you can find all the information about the project and detailed information about the cycle: On the web you can listen to the three musicians and also download the dossier in PDF. We invite you to visit it.   nueve      

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