Surely you also like to have a good time looking at the works of art where plucked string instruments appear. Yes, I know, you are probably thinking that there are already many sites dedicated to collecting this type of paintings and also many people sharing them on social networks, but my feeling is that social networks are very ephemeral and that most sites do not have adequate means to appreciate this art from a temporal perspective. So, just as we proposed in our beginnings , Cuerdas Pulsadas would not only be an online store where find the best strings for lutes, vihuelas, theorbas and the rest of the family, we also set out to contribute and spread information about this great little world. This is how TimeLine was born: a project in which we propose to collect art related to the plucked string and propose an innovative system to consume it, where you can browse decades or authors and thus learn a little more about the context and characteristics of each piece. To enjoy the full potential of TimeLine you can use the decade selector at the bottom of the page, so you can comfortably navigate through time:


In addition, you can see the file of each work of art, with an explanation of the author and the main characteristics. In addition to a detailed zoom to those areas where plucked string instruments appear:


Are you still reading? We better suggest a leisurely visit to our TimeLine .

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