Guitar num 257 by Paco Santiago Marín (1995)

Tono Blasi is selling a classical guitarra number 257 by Paco Santiago Marín, made in 1995, similar to the XXX anniversary model made nowadays, but including back and sides made with Rosewood from Rio (not available nowadays). Spruce fingerboard. In February 2020, it was sanded and varnished in the same workshop of Paco Santiago Marín, [...]

Eight courses renaissance lute based on Sixtus Rauwolf

Adriano Chaves Giesteira puts on sale an 8-courses renaissance lute based on Sixtus Rauwolf that he built in 2019. The instrument was built from the data obtained in the doctoral thesis under the title Reconstructing a lute by Sixtus Rauwolf carried out in 2017 by Jonathan Santa Maria Bouquet. The string length is 647mm. The [...]

Theorbo by Knud Sindt (2020)

Rafael Arjona is selling a 14 courses theorbo by Knud Sindt (2020), with spruce soundboard and 11 walnut multi-rib. The vibrating lengths are 74cm and 140cm, including semi-hard case (bagluthier). Short neck in spruce with bone inlays and long neck in spruce, very light, also ornamented with bone. Right now using carbon and wound strings [...]

Baroque guitar by Régis Floury (2019)

This baroque guitar has been built in 2019 by Régis Floury, an instrument manufacturer located in Vigo, Galicia. It is made with old traditional techniques without machinery.   The box is made of walnut and maple with ebony fillets. The harmonic top is in spruce. The neck is in maple covered with a marquetry of [...]


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